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Casa Circulo Cultural is a community-based multidisciplinary art non-profit, truly vibrant grass-root, dedicated to creating cultural programming reflective of the experiences of the Latino communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, while promoting leadership development for the whole family.

Casa Circulo Cultural

Our mission is to provide creative, educational, and recreational opportunities for Latinx families, encourage Hispanic art, culture, language and traditions, while promoting leadership development for both kids and adults.

We believe that social change is best achieved through collaboration, community empowerment and civic engagement.

We envision Casa Circulo Cultural as a second home for all members. We want a strong, community-centered organization grounded in Hispanic culture and art. We commit to being transparent and accountable to our community, volunteers, partners, donors, allies, and supporters. We want to promote quality programs that are alive, thriving, innovative and friendly.

“Leadership is about finding your unique blueprint and expressing that courageously, confidently, and vulnerably.”
—Jennifer Mulholland

Respect, Discipline, Creativity, Compassion, Motivation, Perseverance, and Integrity

Openness and enthusiasm. Casa Circulo Cultural is a living space, open to the San Mateo County residents and visitors. It’s a second home for most and we always welcome new members with open arms.

Sensitivity and creativity. CCC is a public meeting point for social play, artistic exploration, experimentation and innovation that facilitates new forms of creativity and critical judgment.

Commitment to society and the environment. Casa Circulo Cultural contributes to increase the value of San Mateo County and the Peninsula of San Francisco, highlighting the quality of the landscape and natural elements that surround the are and stimulating the aesthetic experience and the emotion of growing through art and culture in values such as openness, respect, tolerance, equality and diversity.

Education and Culture. Education at Casa Circulo Cultural is a priority, and that is why our educational program, for all audiences, plays a special role in our annual programming. Our activities pursue two basic objectives: to develop our own sensitivity in relation to art and to promote leadership development for both kids and adults.

Language and Respect. Casa Circulo Cultural’s Spanish immersion programs are highly important for the preservation of Hispanic Culture. We take pride in this and the fact that we instill values such as respect, honor, and proper manners. Latino families show warmth through hugs, and this extends beyond just family members but to anyone who is invited to our home: Casa Circulo Cultural.


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